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I love to hear the stories of “Why” people on my team feel so strongly about this business. Below is a beautiful post written by my friend and business partner Jennifer Thomas, Silver Ambassador. Her words are beautifully written and ring so true. 

My Why: An open response to the Scary Mommy article bashing MLM’s 
by Jennifer Thomas

Some things really bother me. Adults being bullies, in veiled online “rants” that some find humorous are at the top of my list.
There was recently an article featured on Scary Mommy that did just that. It bashed an entire industry and poked directly into the ribs of some particular MLM companies. It got personal.

Around the same time the Scary Mommy article came out and began trending, a horrifically mean video of an ESPN reporter berating a parking attendant also emerged, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon saying how wrong it was. I totally agree – we wouldn’t let our kids “rant” that way in public, under any circumstance. Adults are expected to act with tact. A person of increased celebrity, especially, should be held to an even higher standard.

Why is Britt so openly hated for being mean but the Scary Mommy article so celebrated? Why is it ok for us to bash others in context of a blog, but not ok to do in a viral video? Mean is mean.

MLM is a nearly $33 BILLION dollar industry, and growing each year. It consecutively beats its own record high each year. Something is working. Yet, I don’t completely disagree with some of the points made in the Scary Mommy article. What’s not working are the bad eggs. There are some rules on the playground, and just like ANY OTHER industry, there are people that break the rules, ruining it for the rest of us.

I say us because yes, I find myself unexpectedly yet unapologetically working for a MLM. I say “working” loosely. Doing something you truly love isn’t work. I can’t think of a better word right now to describe the fun I am having helping people transform their lives. I have always been a person that wanted to help people – my lifelong career in the non-profit industry is evidence of that. I “work” for Plexus Worldwide, a health and wellness company. But what I am really “working” for are the people whose lives are changing like mine has been changed. Actually, my life was SAVED on these products.

I was on death’s door mentally and physically. I’ve told the story over and over, and I won’t stop. Somebody shared this stuff with me because I needed it, and I know there are others watching and struggling in silence. I started the products and started to feel better. My friends and family celebrated my long-sought and newfound wellness and started to ask what I was doing, not unlike when someone complements you on your shoes and you tell them where you got them. I started to share with others I saw struggling, much like I was. Sharing, NOT selling is the name of my game and the games of many others.

Yes, there is a selling side to this too. You can make a wonderful living income by doing this. God bless all the single mothers and struggling families to whom MLM’s provide the opportunity for a better life. I have seen people start these companies to escape dangerous domestic violence situations. I have seen people be able to send their children to better schools because of it. I have seen people reach financial freedom seldom known in this credit/debt based society.

My why, personally, has nothing to do with the status. As I said, I know there are countless others watching and struggling in silence. My why is for THEM. My why is for YOU!

We learned as children not to judge a book by its cover. We all hope to not be labeled or grouped or judged based on one facet of our lives.

Before you find yourself judging or grouping or blocking or unfriending, let’s remember the rules of the playground. And let’s remember to celebrate each other.

You can contact Jennifer via email at or visit her website at

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