Day 19: How We Get Paid

Why Our Compensation Plan Is Like No Other….

Plexus created 3 amazing videos to explain our compensation plan. Plexus truly has the best compensation plan in the industry.  Start with video 1 and work up to 3. Each video should play automatically after you finish the first video.  After a while it will all start to make sense. Watch the videos and set up a call with your sponsor to answer any questions you might have.

Day 19 How we get paid

Day 18: Choosing the Right Products for your Customers

When you are a new ambassador, sometimes it can be overwhelming to help a customer choose the right products. Here is a little tip to get started. From there you can work with your sponsoring ambassador to find out how to suggest different products for different customers.

Day 18 (1)

Day 17: Plexus Products

Get your notebook ready! You will want to take notes on this video. I use this video all the time to help explain our products. When corporate gives us amazing tools like this to use, you need to put them in your toolbox! What easier way is there to explain our products than to let the company explain for you. But there is also great info in this video that allows you to give a 15 second explanation on each product.

Day 17 Plexus Products