Where to Eat in Las Vegas

Where to eat in las vegas


My private messages have been blowing up with people asking where to eat in Las Vegas while they are here for the Plexus Convention. Here is the thing, I have NO idea. Not kidding. We very rarely head down to the strip. All my favorite restaurants are out by my house, about 30 minutes west of the strip. If you want to Uber on out my way, I can definitely send you to some great places.

So I decided to ask my local friends to help you out and give their suggestions for the best places to eat in Vegas.

Jerry L: Rose Rabbit Lie.

Melea D: The steakhouse at Paris is wonderful.
For Buffet, Bellagio (avoid Circus Circus)

Stephanie M.: My favs , giladas , serendipity, strip house…

Deb G: Giadas

Kelly P: Lawry’s, buffet at mgm, French restaurant in the Paris.

Katie B:  at Cosmopolitan or Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris. Both have Bellagio fountain views if you request it.

Darleen T:  http://www.joel-robuchon.com/fr/#/en/restaurants/9/

Le Monde de Joël Robuchon – Accueil FR

Bienvenue dans le monde de Joël Robuchon. Le site officiel de Joël Robuchon. Retrouvez tous nos…


Sherri M: Love Joel Robuchon – top notch. There are 2 so don’t get confused. 1 is 5 diamond, both are great. They’re right next door to each other. Joel Robuchon & L’Atelier Joel Robuchon. Make sure you know which one you have your reservation at. My friend is head maitre d there.

Paul H: Capital Grille is fantastic!

Stephanie M: For a group I like Matros service is impeccable and their group dining person Carly is so easy to work with

Jake M:  Mon Ami Gabi is lovely at the Paris.

RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay. Not cheap, but delicious.

Texas De Brazil is on the south end (past Sunset) but worth it. Also not cheap, but it’s all you can eat.

There’s a steak place near MGM. Great quality, but expensive as hell.

Caesar’s has two places I like. Their buffet is probably the best in town (it is called Bacchanal). Huge selection, high quality. Right next to the buffet is arestaurant you almost wouldn’t notice when walking by. It’s called Rao’s. If you like Italian, there you go.

If the convention people haven’t been to Cheesecake Factory, that’s also at Caesar’s in the back of the forum shops.

A couple of semi low priced buffets are at Treasure Island and the Mirage. Haven’t been in a long time, but if you’re used to Golden Corral, then it’s a huge step up.

Also at Treasure Island is the Coffee Shop. Just an American Cafe, but I like it a lot. I always get the stuffed baked potato. Pretty low prices, good portions of deliciousness.

Stay away from the buffet at the Paris. 12 or 13 years ago, it was perfection. Today, it is a cesspool of depression and sadness. Food quality is terrible, and the service is even worse. Last time we went, I felt like I’d done something terrible to the staff just for being in their presence. The food was remarkably stale, and it was just as angry with me as the staff. They really should bulldoze that buffet and dump the rubble somewhere in the Middle East where it would most certainly be hit by a precision air strike.

Another buffet that used to be amazing is at Planet Hollywood called the Spice Market a buffet. It has a pretty large selection. Although not as good as it was a decade ago, it’s still decent and not terribly overpriced.

I hear a lot about the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. I’ve been there a few times, and while I enjoy it, I can’t say it’s the best place. It’s usually a really long wait. It’s semi expensive, but the food quality is high, which makes it worth it. But, in my opinion the selection isn’t large enough.

Bellagio’s buffet quality has not moved an inch since it opened. It is amazing. It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every dime.

The Aria buffet is hit or miss. It was the best in town when it opened but quality went downhill after the renovation. It’s still alright, but I wouldn’t put it at the top of my list of go-to food places.

Mandalay Bay’s buffet was the same, but last time I went, it wasn’t memorable.

I would avoid the Luxor and MGM buffets. They remind me of the Sam’s Town buffet, or as a better means of description, worse than a Station Casino buffet.

Stay away from the M buffet. $40 for stale food.

Almost forgot about the Wynn. Really, REALLY good. High quality, pretty decent sized selection. The line can be brutal, but when you actually sit down to eat, it’s like that relief you feel when you’ve made it through at root canal. Very satisfying.

Circus Circus has one of the worst buffets in town. It makes The Sam’s Town buffet feel like a five star restaurant. They do however have a pretty good steakhouse at Circus Circus, which is terribly out of place in such a horrific property.

Bally’s used to have a decent buffet, but I don’t know what it’s like these days.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is really good. It’s at the Fashion Show Mall on the second floor facing the strip.

If people are iffy about buffets, just remember that when staying on the strip, they’re going to be walking. A LOT. They’ll burn it all off.

Darleen T: I love the wicked spoon, that and bacannal are my two go to buffets. Wicked spoon is tapas style , every bite is perfection.

Jake K: I tried bone marrow for the first (and last) time at Wicked Spoon. It was like delicious steak flavored snot.

Wonderful flavor.

F- on the texture.

That is in no way a slight against the buffet. They did nothing wrong. I knew what I was getting myself into.

Sherri M: In addition to my comments about I love the following: Brunch – Wicked Spoon (Cosmo), La Cave (Wynn), Sunday Jazz brunch @ The Country Club (Wynn), Buddy V’s (aka The Cake Boss)(Venetian), Veranda (4 Seasons which is attached to Mandalay Bay). Lunch – Border Grill (Mandalay Bay), Julian Serrano (Aria), Olives (Bellagio), any of the brunch & most of the dinner places I’ve listed. Dinner – Everything @ Cosmo esp Jaleo, STK. Morels (esp on hot summer day for outside dining day or night Palazzo), Bouchon (Venetian), Maggiano’s(Fashion Show), Shibiya (MGM has good sushi but I wouldn’t have gone there had I not been there for a concert. Would go back for sure.) Lakeside (Wynn). On a budget & want old school Vegas? Go to Battista’s. Budget not such a big deal & want old school Vegas go to Piero’s. And don’t be surprised if you see “someone” there. Best view of the strip for happy hour – The Mandarin Bar (Mandarin Oriental). Want more ideas just ask. I’ve got tons more.

Leigh-Anne M: Craft at MGM, il Mulino at Caesars forum, monami gabi at Paris, cut or b&b at palazzo, Milos at Cosmo or the steakhouse there. The circus circus steakhouse being great is an urban legend. We eat out on the strip at least once a month. None of them are cheap but worth every penny… Oh and Andreas at Encore… Great for a group

Suzy B: For fancy food in a hip atmosphere the meat bazaar at the SLS

Suzy B:  Really any of the restaurants at SLS are crazy good. 800 degrees (pizza) noodle place and a cafe were all great. But the Iberico Ham at Meat Bazaar will change your life.

Jodi F: When we go with a big group we always go to Maggiono’s I love it. I love the food, the music but it is a TON of food. I don’t live there, obviously, but we used to go quite a bit.

Mary H: Mon Ami Gabi

Quara P: Buddy V

I can’t wait to see all 12,000 of you in just 1 week! Make sure you let me know where you went and what your favorites were so I can add them to the list!

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