Meet Mr. Life or Debt…..

Otherwise know as Victor Antonio. I like to call him friend and mentor. What the world is about to call him is financial guru and superstar!

If you are part of Plexus, there is a good chance you have had the honor of listening to Victor speak. Prophecize. Salesicize. Do his THANG. (You had to be there and you should feel really bad if you weren’t). Victor is a renown speaker in his own right, lighting up the stage with his stories, infectious personality and no nonsense approach to sales.

But, I’m afraid our days of being within an arms length of Victor are numbered. You see he is about to become a TV celebrity. His new show Life or Debt, premiers on Spike TV on Sunday March 13th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

“Life or Debt” follows Antonio as he knocks on the doors of families on the verge of financial ruin and gives them a much needed wakeup call.  Ooooh, sounds good, doesn’t it?! I’m pretty sure we all have something to learn from this show!

victor life or debt

As supporters of Antonio, I feel like it is only appropriate that we help launch him into reality show stardom by fulfilling his wishes. His last Plexus wish is that we find someone in every single state to host a launch party for his series. What does that entail? It is SO simple. And you don’t want to say no, or you are going to have some serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

SIGN UP NOW!  Below is a link to a map. If you want to invite your friends over to do your THANG, follow the directions below to claim your state. Don’t worry, we can have more than one party per state. But we want to have at least 1 per state. Invite your friends, grab some snacks, drinks and your smartphone. Make sure to snap pics, tweet, post and instagram the entire event with hashtag #lifeordebt

Instructions To Add Markers:

1) Pull down tab “Additions”
2) Click on “Add Marker – Detailed”
3) Enter Person’s name
4) Click on “Map Select a Location”
5) You’ll get a warning sign to click on the map location. Once you do it will fill in the Latitude and Longitude
6) The “Submit”
7) Marker will appear and if you mouse over it the name will appear

Not convinced yet? Well, watch this!

Tell your teams, friends and family. Invite them all over. Shout from the rooftops, “I KNOW HIM!!!!!”  Go claim your state and support our friend Victor. If you do, he might even give you the finger. NOT that finger. This finger!
victor and molly 2

Oh, and off the record. Victor LOVES glitter boxes. So if you ever buy him a present, you should put it in a glitter box. Just a little tip. You’re welcome.

victor and glitter box

So on the off chance you just can’t possibly host a viewing party for Victor, there are other ways you can help! How about a viewing party for 1? That’s right, set your alarm and tune in! Make sure to blast all your friends on social media and encourage them to watch too! Don’t forget #lifeordebt. And of course you can go and “LIKE” the official Victor Antonio page and ask all your friends to do the same!

If you choose to host, you might want to post this. You know, just so all your friends are jealous and begging for an invite.
I'm Hosting...


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