Blitz Day!

Team MKO Blitz DayFeb. 6th, 2016
One of the most important elements you can have within your network marketing team is a personal bond or relationship. So many of us live across the country and rarely connect unless it is through a computer. Even those of us that live in the same city tend to run in so many directions, we rarely spend time together.

One of our team leaders, Becky Meetze had the amazing idea to hold a Blitz day with her team several months ago. When she told me about it, I knew we need to create a national Blitz Day for our team. The result, a large number of people all working toward the same goals, encouraging each other, training as a group and most importantly bonding as a team! The growth and momentum we saw as a team coming out of that weekend was amazing!

So, we wanted to share exactly how we pulled this off. You can start small and just host locally for your team, or you can go big and set numerous locations throughout the country for your team to plug into.


Reach out to your leaders to ask who would like to host. You can always open it to other people on the team as well, but I wanted my leaders to have the first chance to host their location.


Set your date and start promoting it team wide. Use graphics to get people excited and to save the date. We started approximately one month in advance to hype the date.
Blitz Day February 2016


Set up a way for your team to register at a specific location. This gives the host an expected number so they can plan ahead in case they are providing lunch, etc.  We used We created a sign up for each location and put a max number of people that could register at each location. Since most of our hosts were hosting in their homes, we couldn’t handle huge amounts of people. You want it to be intimate.


Create a Facebook page for your hosts. This will be very valuable as the Blitz Day approaches. I designed graphics and a step by step guide on how to run the Blitz Day for them. Having a page dedicated to the hosts allowed me to share all the documents and answer questions.


Determine your prizes. I decided that I would buy prizes for the winning location (you will see the tally sheet that determined the winners in a minute). It is up to you if you want each host to provide a prize for their location, or you want to sponsor a group prize for the winning location. I personally gave a prize for the first person at my location to sign an ambassador and the first to sign a new customer. I also am giving out a prize to every person at the winning location. It is up to you how you want to do this. Remember, this is suppose to be fun! You don’t have to go into debt to do this.

Step 6

A few days before the Blitz Day, you can share the list of items people should prepare for the day (homework) and what to bring with them. I just created graphics in Canva and posted to the host group on Facebook. From there, they took the graphics and shared with their registered members. Some of them also created FB pages for their locations, others just shared in a group message.

blitz day homework


what to bring



Post the outline on how to run Blitz Day for your hosts. This is how we decided to run the day, but you can come up with your own plan. This can also be broken down into several days. I have a few locations that have decided to cover 1 hour a week for the next 6 weeks. Do what works for you! We even had one host runs his Blitz Day over Zoom for the people that couldn’t get to an actual location.

Blitz Day PDF cover

Click here to see our Blitz Day outline.


I created videos to be played at the top of each hour to get everyone ready to work. You will see each video touches on the topics that are listed in the PDF file above.

Videos to play at the top of each hour. There are also a couple of videos that are embedded in the pdf file for you to play.

9:00 a.m. –

10:00 a.m. –


Set a time to do a zoom check-in.  Since I’m on the west coast and much of my team is on the east coast, we decided to set up a call at 9 a.m. my time, which was noon for them. It was so great to check-in and see everyone’s face. I answered some questions and had each location tell us what they had accomplished so far so that we could cheer them on. Just a fun way to kick off the west coast and get the east coast excited about their afternoon.


Tally Sheets! So we decided to have everyone keep track of how many people they contacted, how many meetings they set up (these can be 1-on-1 meetings, phone calls, etc), how many new customers were signed and how many new ambassadors were added to the team that day. We decided to use percentages so that every location had a fair chance of winning, even if they only had 3 people at their location. Think of it like the Biggest Loser. It is based on the percentage, not the total.

Here is what I posted in the Facebook group to explain the checklist: 
You will need to print these for your guests to track their progress. Have them track names under each category. At the end of the day have them record how many people they got under each. So if it says ______/20 and they contacted 18 people, they would write 18/20. For percentage, that would be 90% for that category. At the end of the day I need you all to report your numbers to me. You can put together a spreadsheet, or just take pics of the sheets and send them to me. Whatever is easiest. I can calculate the overall percentages and announce which location won. I will be sending prizes to the winning location.

Blitz Day checklist

Click here to see the Blitz Day Checklist


HAVE AN AMAZING BLITZ DAY! We all agreed that we had such a fun day. So many special bonds and memories were made!

We started with a little food and of course some pink drink……………….

blitz day food

And then moved on to focused business building efforts and income producing activities. But we had a lot of smiles and laughs (and a few tears) along the way too!

blitz day vegas



Tally the sheets and hand out the prizes! I gave everyone until midnight that night submit their totals. Then I announced the winning location on our team board for everyone to see.

BLITZ DAY winners

Overall, this was a HUGE success for our team. Now, leaders across the country are running with the concept and hosting their own team events. They are tailoring them to fit their team and needs. It forced everyone to step outside their comfort zone and truly focus an entire day on income producing activities. It doesn’t matter if you are new or experienced, every person walked away excited about what the future of their business looks like!

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