Update 2015: Grow Your Network Marketing Business for the Holidays

Last year I created this post and had a huge response! Stephanie from SJ Plexus was nice enough to update the tags for us to include the new Ease samples. Enjoy!

I was listening to an amazing webinar hosted by Sarah Robbins on how to grow your business during the holidays. I took her advice and came up with a little something that will help you to plant seeds over the next month.

How to Grow Your Business

Holidays are traditionally a slow time of year for most Network Marketing companies. But that doesn’t mean you should stop working. The seeds that are planted now may yield an amazing harvest for you in a few months. So watch this video and start planting!!

Special thanks to Stephanie at SJ Designs/SJPLEXUS for creating these adorable tags!

tags 2015

tags 2015[1] <<< Click this link to download a PDF of the tags. 

Don’t forget to visit her store to order the sample cards featured in the video! https://www.etsy.com/shop/SJPlexus

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