Hosting an Opportunity Meeting – Network Marketing Meetings for Dummies

I’m not calling you a dummy. Well, I don’t really know you, so maybe I am. What I am sharing with you is a meeting format so simple, even a brand new ambassador can utilize it.

Sometimes you just need to change things up. The way Opportunity Meetings were being run throughout our company was just not working for us in Las Vegas. It was a great format, but not a great fit for our demographic.  We needed to shake up in how we presented our products and business opportunity.

Que Victor Antonio, Sales Guru and Motivational Speaker. I was lucky enough to secure a private training with Victor and my local team to pick his brilliant head. During that training I had a few Oprah “ah-ha” moments. I went home that very night and revamped our entire meeting format. In this video you will see how Victor’s expertise paired with my intuition led to a fresh new approach for lead meetings in the Network Marketing world.

Feel free to share with your teams, just do me a favor and throw me some love on social media while you are at it 🙂

You can also download the powerpoint presentation here. The slides were intentionally left simple so you could customize to fit your needs. And obviously use your own pictures. I’m flattered if you want to use mine, but I promise that belly is ALL mine! The Lexus too. You can’t have the Lexus.

Come back and leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Click the link below to download the PowerPoint that goes along with this Opportunity Meeting

Opportunty Meeting Presentation: Click Here update Presentation

9 thoughts on “Hosting an Opportunity Meeting – Network Marketing Meetings for Dummies

  1. Thank you for taking the time to down load and post theses thing. I and another ambassador are going to be hosting our very first event and you info will be very helpful. We have never been to an event so this is going to help a lot. Thank you again! Blessings Debi

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  2. This is great, I love that you give us the power point to use and edit as we see fit. Was looking for a great guideline to help me structure my own meeting, when I get the courage too.. and this was perfect. Love the videos too. Thanks!! Great Job!


  3. Thanks for the template! I’m a silver ambassador in Wisconsin and I’m committed to hosting two meetings a month. Our second one is on December 11th, then twice a month through at least May. I love the simplicity of your presentation, I don’t think I’m calling you simple?!? Hahaha, seriously though, I appreciate you sharing this online! You epitomize the Plexus way: being family, sharing success, and helping one another. Thanks again and have a great Wednesday!!


  4. I thank you for taking the time to do this. Another ambassador and I used this new format last night and I loved it. I’ve been working the business since January and never did a meeting because I was fearful of saying the wrong things, however, this helped calm my fears and am looking forward to using it each month. Our meeting took less than an hour which was amazing because we were trying to respect people’s time 🙂 Thank you


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