Twitter 101 for Network Marketing

Over on Facebook, I have a social media page that teaches the basics of social media for network marketing. The number one question I get on that board, is “how do I use Twitter?”

I always think it seems so obvious, but I have people that truly don’t even know how to go about writing a tweet or searching with a hashtag. So this quick video is for all my newbies.

There is nothing wrong with being new at something. We all have to start someplace. I feel like so many of the social media videos out there start on step 10 instead of step 1. Many people want to learn to use social media the right way, but just don’t know where to start. Hopefully this video will help.

What would you like to learn next?

3 thoughts on “Twitter 101 for Network Marketing

      • that’s awesome and you are completely right! Most network marketers think social media is ment for spamming. We actually have a Social Media University in which we teach network marketers all aspects of social media and how to use it to attract prospects. Don’t know if you are interested in training but I think you would be a good trainer/teacher. Check it out and let me know. Go to and click Perks


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