Social Media and Network Marketing

How many of you feel violated on a daily basis by the amount of “pitching” that is done by your friends on facebook? Buy my candles, come to my party, order this skin cream, please, please, please, beg, beg, beg. Ack! It is too much! So many people feel if they inundate their friends with their business, they will eventually wear them down. The problem is they aren’t providing valuable information. And you aren’t buying it!

If you are in Network Marketing, please hear me out. If you can engage your friends and provide information to them without trying to sell, your business will grow much faster. Do you need an example? Well, here you go.

I work for a company called Plexus Worldwide. They are a Network Marketing company or MLM. I joined, not for the business opportunity, but because of how my life changed after trying their products. I’ll be honest, I was a corporate PR snob when this business was introduced to me. I looked down on network marketing and all that I had “heard” about it. After all, my exposure was based on the mom at school that liked to chase me down with her catalogs at least twice a week. I did NOT want to be that person.

But because my experience was health related, I quickly learned that I had the opportunity to educate people about their health. And that is what I did. I used Social Media as a way to teach people about how natural products could help them become healthier. I taught them that prescription medication was not always the answer. And maybe, just maybe there was a way to create health without a visit to your pharmacy.

And guess what? It worked! I promoted very quickly within Plexus and learned some valuable lessons along the way.

If you are going to use social media to promote your network marketing business, then please follow these rules!

social media and network marketing

1. SHARE: Don’t vomit information, share something important and meaningful. I could share all day about how great Plexus is and how it changed my life. OR, I could share the biology behind why my body was struggling to get healthy, what was causing my migraines and why we need to get our body in balance in order to improve our overall health.  I shared and people listened, and then began to ask questions.

2. ENGAGE: I posted yesterday about the difference between be an Informer vs. Meformer. Meformers only take the time to talk about themselves and what they have to offer. Informers are giving you great information, responding to your posts, chatting, offering fun responses and just being a normal person on social media. Do you remember how you used social media before network marketing? That was called engagement! You just talked. Back and forth. No agenda. No pitch.  Do that again!!!

3. EDUCATE: Here is the best piece of advice I can give you. EDUCATE your audience! For example, you sell a health product. Then become an expert on one of the health issues your product targets! It is that simple. Go to Google University and learn everything there is to know about that health issue and then share the information! Educate your audience. In turn, they will make the connection. They are smart enough to understand that you have a product that could help them improve their health. You don’t have to tell them. Educate them and they will come to you. The students will surround the teacher!

And last but not least, please for the love of all things good and holy, DO NOT write a post or tweet that says “Contact me for more information.” All that will get you is a permanent spot on the “unfriended” list. And no one wants that. Well, maybe with just a few people, but then again they weren’t your target audience any way.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Network Marketing

  1. Great post! I am trying something similar but have left my personal social media sites out of my experiment and just marketing to those I connect with on new Social Media sites I have built. I love your idea on educating. I want to start doing that however I no expert on health products, skin care, makeup, ect so it is a careful line to walk.

    Here is my site

    Good luck!!


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