Allergies and Your Immune System

See these little green buds? Pretty right? Not when you have violent allergies? What do I mean by violent? I mean every February these little guys appear overnight. They are right outside our bedroom balcony. I know they are there without looking because I will wake up one day with a migraine, face and eyes swollen like I was in a fight, itchy throat and eyes and unable to take a complete breath. This will go on until June or until I run away because I can’t take it anymore. Before you make suggestions, yes I have tried EVERYTHING. Last year at this time a lot of my Plexus buddies were bragging about how their seasonal allergies were gone. I kind of wanted to punch them (see violent). I on the other hand had been on the products almost a year and my allergies were worse than ever.


Fast forward to a few days ago. I’m outside and notice the little green buds. I ran for the house. Almost put on a gas mask just to avoid it a few more days. But honestly beyond 2 sneezes, I felt fine. Next morning, nothing. I decide that the pollen must be really low. Anything over a 2 and I’m miserable. Yes, I watch the pollen report like a woman in labor waiting for the contraction to be over. I just pray the day comes where the report shows green or a 0 for pollen. So I look and it is at a 7. Odd. I wait a few more days but am afraid to say anything to my husband. I was sure admitting I felt better would jinx it.

But today is none scale victory day in our ‪#‎30daychallenge‬. And my gosh, even if I blow up like a balloon tomorrow, the fact that I had a few days of relief is a victory for sure.

I’m praying this lasts and I can enjoy the spring for the first time in 10 years. What do I accredit it to? Hard to say. I’ve been taking a great probiotic for 20 months. And I’ve done a lot of research on allergies and the fact they all stem from a week immune system. Probiotics help build your immune system. Hmmmm, maybe there is something to all of this health stuff.